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    1. What are the server's settings?
      Server: Username: [youruser]@[your domain] Password: [your password] SMTP Port: 587 POP3 Port: 995 IMAP Port: 993 IMAP needs SSL enabled. POP3 needs SSL enabled. SMTP needs TLS enabled.
    2. I have created an account, how do I get to my emails?
      Add your account to your choice of email client (Gmail, Outlook, Mutt, Thunderbird, etc.)
    3. How do I do that?
      Check your clients documentation, I can't tell you myself. I can tell you that you will need the server settings listed above.
    4. Why is there no webmail interface?
      Because I didn't find any particularly good interface, and most people just want to manage it from their own choice of client anyway. (If you want a web interface, setup a Gmail account and set it to send/receive via here).
    5. Any mails sent to my account are being rejected. Why?
      Accounts are currently limited to 100MB (+10MB of 'trash'). Check that you haven't exceeded this.
    6. Why isn't my spambot working over a email?
      Accounts are limited to sending 100 messages/h. If you find this limit is too small, contact me explaining why you need a higher limit. If you are a spambot, your request *will* be denied.
    7. How do I contact you about a problem/error/request?
      Firstly, check the thread on LN to verify whether someone has already has this problem. You can leave a message there for me, or you can PM me on LN on ToS. Or, you can email me here as 'hawnuyunaviyae' or 'postmaster' at this domain.